Retirement Solutions

There are a variety of investment and retirement plans which can be combined and tailored to your precise needs, including:
Tax Exempt, Index Based,
Downside Market Protected.

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Tax and Account Planning

From day to day, to your legacies future inheritance tax planning. You and your business need expert attention. Let us protect your wealth by leveraging tax laws to your specific advantage.

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Estate Planning

Your legacy, wealth, hard work and the future of all that is important to you requires special attention. Work with our experts to ensure your loved ones have an afforded advantage. “With your blessing.”

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I am Michael Nakamura, an owner and partner for an independently owned financial planning company called DOCNAK Financial and Insurance Services.  We are an umbrella of end to end Financial and Family Planning expertise.  DOCNAK F.I.S. is primarily a Southern California based group with a sprinkle of offices from Hawaii to New York.

Working with DOCNAK F.I.S. gives you the advantage of a portfolio of defined skills appropriately matched against your requirements.  Our total, end to end solutions ensure your protection and better equip you to meet your needs.“



Retirement is no longer just an idea, it is something I work on daily.  Michael has clearly taught me about how retirement is different than investing and when to appropriately do both.  I am no longer drifting along day to day, I am actively managing my future.  Thank you everyone at DOCNAK.

Services Manager8
Natalia K.

It is not every day that you come across someone as passionate and trustworthy. Michael has encompassed that really well and has provided us with the helping hand to see broader and incorporate more successfully. He’s a very good Life Coach. Thanks Michael!

Respiratory Therapist
Heddy H.

In just 2 very short meetings with Michael, he managed to find the solution personally catered to my situation and expectations. Punctual, well informed and very reliable.

Garry S.

More Than Just
Financial Planners,
One Philosophy

We care about you.  You have needs and requirements that make you unique.  Our philosophy is to focus on you, your future and what is most important to you.  When we understand that, you will get an end to end, tax advantage, investment, retirement, estate plan designed just for you.

Stop taking on skills you know little about.  Our team has degrees, certifications, decades of experience and have been in business operation for at least 20 years.  So stop building your own approach to success when we will build it for you.

We have don’t have minimum barriers to entry.  We help everyone.

Knowing that most clients will not retire on time, motivates us to ensure our clients will.  On your terms.  With the confidence to know, you have someone with you every step of the way.  Your journey to success is our journey, our plan, our solution.  We will adjust our plans as the local, federal and global climates change.  Your advantage will always be ours to bear, because we have the expertise.

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